I moved to UK from Italy , with a suitcase full of dreams , goals and ambitions.

I never give up on things I put my head to do.

I left my family behind, I can still remember the day at the airport: it was me , my 3 sisters and mum , dad had gone to work.

We took pictures , we were chatting and all that to while away time.

But when the time was closer to my departure , I was anxious, I was overwhelmed;

The time has arrived for me to make my way to the security check, my heart was racing, I knew I was going to better my future, i realised that in this journey I was alone, I embraced my sisters I held back not to cry , I kept on smiling. But when I embraced my mother , and she prayed for me and told me to remember the home where I came from , and I heard her voice breaking in between (mind you at this time my sisters were in tears) I held my mum harder to me , I cried along side my mum , who found it so hard to let go. It was the saddest yet the happiest day of my life because I was starting University but I was leaving my family behind.

I’m in UK now , Registrations are taking place the following 2 days. I was excited , I could not believe I was starting University. I did not make plenty friends cause I did not live on campus.

*fast forward to my final year*

Oh boy ! 😅 .. done all the exams waiting for my marks, the date for the graduation ceremony was on the 18th of July 2018.

A week or so before the date everyone was receiving their final mark and the time and venue where the graduation ceremony will take place. I kept on checking my email and I did not receive any email as such.

I won’t lie I was panicking that I had failed.

So I emailed the University making enquires as to why I have not received an email yet?

I was told that one of my mark was missing,

At this point I was in a state of confusion cause I know I did all my exams , finished all my modules: as far as I was concerned my credits were 360( that’s the amount of credit I needed to attend graduation ceremony).

Instead to their records I only had 340credits, it was a back and forth of constant emailing. And discovered that my last exam I wrote has not been marked yet , and they won’t make it on time to prepare everything before the 18th of July which was my ceremony day. Yet I wasn’t sure if I passed the exam. Basically my moving forward depended on whatever grade I was going to get. It was either I passed or I failed. I was put to the edge.

My world collapsed before me, I didn’t know were to start from , how to explain why I wasn’t gonna attend my graduation ceremony , Words could not explain how I felt.

I went on my knees and I cried out my heart to God, I told God that he must intervene. Because his word tells me that “Even if I go through deep waters he will be with me” Isaiah 43:2 ”because I kneed before God I could stand before anyone ” Romans 8:31, he will fight for me Exodus 14:14, and with God nothing shall be impossible Luke 1:37, all I could do was to change my worries into prayers Phil 4:6, he did not bring me this far to leave me Phil 1:6, he promised to be with me always Matthew 28:20

he told me not to be afraid but to believe Mark 5:36.

Long story cut short , I received an email after a long series of emails as usual , that my paper was marked and I passed it , so they will be sending me my certificates via post, and that I will be invited to attend the spring graduation ceremony.

Meanwhile I applied to study Masters and I got accepted.

What else can I say ?

God has made all his promises, which I held on to, people already concluded I had failed and didn’t want to say it. But my God shamed all

And today is my day of victory.

All I kept singing till today is “ you are God you are not just big , you are not just large , you are a great God”

This ceremony day was too emotional for me , from the moment I enter the Chapel and sat down , I was crying because the emotions I was feeling were so many. I was overwhelmed with joy , I was proud of my self.

Although I kept the invitation very low key , for personal reason , I don’t know how to explain it , the feeling was stronger than me , so I just listened to my self.

Well, come and Join me praise God .. because i am a living testimony of God’s work

Graduated 18th July 2018

Ceremony held in 2019


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