I get asked the above question a lot , and it got me thinking as to why anyone can’t see anything good about the morning ?

I work in an environment where I have to deal with customers most of the time, and the beginning of my service to them, if doing a morning shift, I get to say Good morning sir/madam how are you today?

Some of the responses I get is what is good about the morning ?

It strikes me each time I hear that ? Because there is a lot to be greatful for, the fact that I am able to sleep at night and wake up in the morning all by myself, I’m not sleeping in a hospital bed , or attached to a machine to keep me alive , I don’t have any deadly sickness, I can walk by myself , feed my self, I don’t sleep on the streets, I don’t beg before I can eat, I’m not a victim of this cold world and I can pretty much do everything my self without any assistance.

And someone still has the courage to ask what is good about the morning !? This is Unacceptable!

Unfortunately , there are people who are wrapped with the circumstances of this world. Some slept and never woke up, some pray to be strong and healthy. Some wished better.

Just on Sunday, the Ethiopian Aircraft crashed just six minutes after its take-off; we are yet to know how many died(may their soul’s rest in peace) 😔.

We never appreciate what we have until we loose it. Let’s learn to be happy for what we are privileged to have, as tomorrow is never predictable.


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