Back in the day when I was in high school , I really did not know what I would become in the next future; or what I would like to study when I’m done with high school.

It wasn’t clear to me , but I kind of had an idea; at the time I wanted to become a Pharmacist- I loved biology and chemistry; and I was ready to pursue that dream , until people talked me out of it by saying :”it’s gonna be hard for u to open a pharmacy of your own except your parents own one” ; “are you sure u can do it?” Etc.

So my interest started to fade , and of course other reasons where attached to it; but that’s going really personal, and I’m not sure I am ready to go that deep. Nevertheless along the line I changed my course of study cause I failed my class!

When I failed people laughed at me like I was some rotten egg; I felt like a failure: the fact that I had no support even hurts the most!

So what did I do ? I was determined never to give up to what people were saying, I was determined to achieve something for my self ; so I vowed with my self that I will not fail anymore, that I will prove people wrong. So I did , and today I am a Master student.

Failure doesn’t necessarily mean your life ends with it; sometimes you need something to shake the sleeping part of you.

Ps: more detailed story is going to come up soon about my school life.


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