2019 will mark 4years since I left home , and I must say the journey was not rosy and smooth most of the times (but that’s a story for another time).

Spending Christmas alone is sad , I got discouraged in doing anything cause after all it’s just me alone. I did not feel the Christmas atmosphere I used to feel during this period. It looked like just any other day; I don’t know if unfortunately is the right word , but I kind of select my friends: therefore I didn’t really have people to spend the festivity with.

I thought about the coziness and warmth I should be feeling; the food that will be entering my stomach etc. But none of that was there.

I really appreciated the fact that I had a family I looked forward to seeing; cause some of us don’t even have that privileged.

That is why in everything Thank God , because you don’t know who is in worse shoes than yours.


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