That evening I walked next to him, knowing that walking on that path in the evening would creep me up; But in my heart I knew I was in good hands, I knew that at that point in time I had to be there.

He said, look up , look at the sky

then I raised my eyes to the sky and it was a pleasant show. I saw the stars lighting up the black sky ;

I travelled with my mind , because I could not remember when last I looked up the sky to admire the good work of God !

The stars lit up the sky, as he lit’s up my heart and soul, all I knew was that everything was perfect!

The stars: I was enchanted by the charm and elegance of them; after being fascinated by that presentation, I looked down into his eyes, and in his eyes I saw his soul; and he approached me slowly, his nose touched mine, his warmth breath, his eyes were closing, his hands tightening my waist like he was never gonna let me go, the heat and then the cold, my legs were motionless, my heart was racing as fast as a train , my mind was clouded, his lips touched mine and the kiss happened! It was breathtaking and unforgettable;

It was the type of kiss that seemed like a movie, the one that looks like the time has stopped; The type that leaves you in silence because words cease to exist;

It is that kiss that illuminates the depths of the soul like a starry night, so much that when I look back and think about it, is like i am living the moment again and I find my self daydreaming.

It was a fury of feelings, a fire that burned inside. It was special:

Special and beautiful like Sirius;

it is a memory that I will take with me forever because my today began

Under a starry sky.

Written 02/11


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