Hello and welcome back to my page,

i know y’all been wondering were i’ve been , or maybe not, but i’m back; so much went on with me , most of which i will share with my readers.

I just dropped by to update you about my recent achievement: i graduated from University in July 2018, but the story behind this day is a bitter sweet experience which i will share when the time is due.

Prior to graduating, i applied to study Masters , the idea of continuing studies instead of starting a full time job in my field was hard, because i had everything planned , and i was tired, and just wanted to pursue my career so i can move to the next level of my life. So i made my mind up that after my undergraduate studies, i will be officially done with studies.

Then, i decided to search for the kind of jobs i could do once i get my degree.Ā  i wont lie , the options were broad , and i just seemed to like everything , which made me more confuse than what i was already.

BOOM , i came across a job which got my attention and i really loved it cause it is one thing that i have always loved and believed in.

I could start the job just with my degree , but then if i furthered my education to a Masters level, not only i could get to work as a professional in the field, but also i could study this topic in depth and i was really curious.Ā  Yet i wasn’t fully convinced i wanted to study Masters, the desire of pursuing a career and getting a good job was more than furthering education. Then i thought of taking a gap year to clear my mind , but i wasn’t sure about that either; i was really confused i did not know what to do

Long story cut short i’m currently studying Masters with the same topic of interest as i believe in a way i can contribute to making a change.


What changed my mind?

God proved himself in a time of distress and my mum talked me out of taking a gap year and had the right words to use for me to push on. i believed in God, i believed there was a reason for everything ,

plus nobody knows tomorrow !


With love LaStefania ..

and don’t forget to like and comment .






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