Hello people welcome back to Irukablog;

So today I will be sharing with my readers 5 passions I recently developed. Those passions are things I never knew about or things that are known to my knowledge but never had an experience of it.

1. Watching Korean Dramas, omg guys I literally love it. It’s interesting , full of emotions , adventure , some of them if not all will make you wanna fall in love with someone ❤️ . The actors I most say are amazing in every sense of it. Discovering Korean drama was thanks to a very close friend who is also a lover of Korean dramas , reading mangas and also watching animations; basically anything that has to do with Japan , China and Korea. And that leads me to the next passion which is eating Sushi.

2. Eating Sushi was another passion that was transmitted to me by the same person. 😍 guys sushi literally makes my day in most occasions. It’s so delicious , before I would never eat one, cause I’m like “why would I eat raw food please ? “. But now story as changed 🍣🍱 #inlovewithsushi

3. I discovered my love for cooking, I’ve been cooking since u was 11 years old , but now I see cooking in a different way , I like to learn new recipes , I work out ideas of meals in my head and put it in practice. I was thinking to incorporate that to my page stay tuned for that .

4. Discovering new places , I look like a tourist , I want to see and learn , I’m always on google searching for what to do , where to go and what’s new to see and discover.

5. Photos, I discovered I love taking pictures and going through the stress of editing them , actually editing is the part I love most . I’m not perfect yet, but I don’t mind learning more.

We have gotten to the end , so far I can think of just five passions I recently developed;

but when I have more I will definitely update you all.

With love,


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