The Power In Words 

Hello it’s been a while, 

And I am so excited to be back. 

I cannot believe how far my words could go , and how much it could touch someone’s life. 

What pushed me to write this post out, was because days ago I was catching up on my friend on Snapchat ( shoutout to Mikel).

Mikel, was the first person I ever shared my ideas of opening a blog with; he encouraged me to continue with my vision. And here I am irukablog is out !!

As we were talking he told me : 

M:“ Just thinking about a lot of things to do for the gospel”

S: Wow  did I inspire you ? 

M: Yeah but I have this hurge to do something 

S: Wow being an inspiration to someone it’s amazing , I cannot believe I actually touched someone’s life 

M: Yes now , that’s why you have to keep doing  what you are doing ,DON’T STOP! 

S: I will thanks a lot 

It is of a great honour for me to have touched your life with the power behind my words. I know it is not by my power but by the power of God. 

I will not stop emphasising on how much your Word equals to POWER . 

If such could happen to Mikel because of my word; then I am confident that there is hope that people can change. 

With love ,

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