Letting go sometimes is harder than keeping.

It is never easy to let go and it is never easy to swallow the truth and accept the fact that things are just meant to be so.

Feeling defeated it’s like a chocolate cake without chocolate: I knew deep down within me that things will never go as I dreamt; but I decided to fight for it , stand for it, stay on it , hoping and wishing that a miracle or a change will come up.

It wasn’t so..

Unfortunately love does not always have an happy ending , there is nothin as a perfect love , but there is something called creating a wonderful love story with the person you share that feeling with.

It is hard to face the truth , it is hard to come out of that dream and think with your actual head.

After fighting for so long , strength begins to fail me, I became fragile and my walls were broken.

Now it’s no longer about what we want, but now it’s about taken the right decisions in other to secure your future and that of your future children.

The courage to finally put an end to something you so much hoped would work out , it’s extremely hard .


Accept the defeat! But hold on to MEMORIES & GOOD TIMES.

But if it is meant to BE it will surely BE.

Maybe it’s just a stage ?? Uhmm

Maybe not !!

Leave in peace without hurting .

Starting again is not easy , but who knows maybe something better is ahed.

Take time to rebuild your self into the strong person YOU ARE!

Cause no one will do that for you except YOU !

With love



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