A Battlefield 

I just realised that in a battle between your self and Her , She will win . 

She is capable of breaking all your barriers, all your principles and all that you kind of believed would never happen in certain circumstances. 

She can drive you so crazy , especially when it catches you unaware that she is coming. 

She is just there waiting for the right moment to attack , waiting for the right space. 

Wait , wait , wait , 


boom 💥 

She has started to blossom in your heart. 


Your heart no longer belongs to you but to her , your mind your body your everything works according to her. 


Is this a cry for help ?! 

A way out please ?

Why must she make the heart pound at each touch , at each breath , at each smile at the everything that happens around ? 

Can’t you just keep quiet?

Worse of it all,  she doesn’t even give an explanation.. 

The heart is just running fast as a train , I just want it to stop , this battle is to much for “your self” . 

Time , time , time 

You are running too fast. 


There is much to consider , there is much to loose , there is too much at hand. 

Just why now ???? 

As the sky is higher than the earth , aren’t we meant to be separated in that way ? 

Well should I blame fate , circumstances or destiny ?? 

Who is she ? 

‘She’ is LOVE ! 


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