Little Venice 

**Pic originally taken by me 

Little Venice is a scenic and affluent part of London, England, known for its canals and moored boats. Much of the property in the area consists of Regency-style white painted stucco terraced town houses and mansions. 

Little Venice surrounds the convergence of three waterways: the Grand Union Canal and the Regent’s Canal, and Paddington Basin which meet in a large, picturesque pool, Browning’s Pool (usually called by residents “Little Venice Lagoon” or “the Lagoon”), which forms the focus of the area.

*Waterside Cafè on the right 

It took me 1.5h , not much , but I bet there was more to see. It was a pretty enviroment, it was peaceful as well as colourful. 


I also loved the aroma of fish coming from the restaurants around , that made me miss mum’s fish stew and Italy 🇮🇹 😭.

So far it was a nice experience, l don’t have the picture but I definately came across Canal Cafe Theatre 🎭. 

And it was also nice to get a “little ” taste of Venice in London. 

See you next time 

And aw per usual 

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With love 

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Visited : 21/04/17

Ref: Wikipedia 


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