Hello everyone , haven’t posted something for some days now . This is because I’m not my self . 

You see pictures on IG and Twitter with me smiling , but honestly a picture is an instant image which covers up the real you . 

Lately I’m so immersed in my self , I don’t understand exactly what is the reason for me feeling this way . I tried to figure out some options; could it be the distance from my family and loved ones? , could it be the fear of failure? , could it be the heart desire of shedding some weight but realistically and physically not able to ? Could it be me thinking about how the future will be ? Could it be the desire to graduate from uni and get a good job ?  I don’t know if to put all this in one word as Sadness but , I’m thinking it’s not the right word . So what is it ?  

There are so many things I wish to do and accomplish , but where do I start from where do I go ? I don’t know I’m even confused . 

This days all I do is work-home , home-work  , I’m simply not excited in doing anything and I think a lot , I sleep late (can’t sleep early) and wake up early in the morning. Even when I am off from work I stay home all day I feel so drained , so exhausted tired and emotional is it laziness ? What caused it ? How did I get to this point ? 

I keep doing things alone , me-myself-I !!

Something is missing, but what is that ? I can’t figure it out 

Not myself 

Am i depressed ? 

I’m struggling , with life ? My self ? Or what ? 


This is my current situation and feelings . 

What’s wrong with me ? 

I don’t know , all I know is , something is not just right a puzzle is missing. 

With love 

#notmyself #london #londonblogger #italiangirl #nigerian #sadness #lonely #moodzero


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